“Good Teaching Artistry”

On Wednesday in my bi-weekly email newsletter to arts educators I included a link to a post by Eric Booth on the Teaching Artist Journal (TAJ) blog. Booth and Marit Ulvund of Norway’s SEANSE created the world’s first International Teaching Artist Conference in Oslo, Norway this last August.

Booth writes that the one key question drove him to create the conference: What are the core elements of teaching artistry as it appears in its various expressions and uses in cultures around the world?

That is as far as I read, thought it sounded like something worth passing along, included the link and moved on. Yesterday in a conversation with an arts specialist she mentioned she was really grateful for the article by Booth because in these challenging times it reaffirmed she knows what she is doing and it is a worthwhile endeavor. This prompted me to go back and read the whole post.

I seriously encourage you to also read the whole post but if you are pressed for time skip down to the “13 Core Elements of Teaching Artistry.”


Marina Weatherly with students dancing

Marina Weatherly with students

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