SEADAE Releases Report on Roles of Arts Educators

Roles of Certified Arts Educators, Certified Non-Arts Educators, & Providers of Supplemental Arts Instruction (by Lauren Kapalka Richerme, Scott C. Shuler, and Marcia McCaffrey, with Debora Hansen and Lynn Tuttle) is a new resource for policymakers and everyone involved in arts education, recently released by the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE). As its title suggests, this publication outlines the training, experience, and skills that each of these three key partners contributes to ensuring a high-quality, sequential, standards-based arts education for all of America’s children. Roles concludes by offering recommendations to the field for more effective educational collaborations and advocacy.

If you are involved in arts education you should at least scan this document. It has already created discussions across the field which will no doubt continue. One item many arts education managers at state arts agencies find problematic are the broad over generalizations about the quality of the work done by teaching artists and their capacity. Sometimes the tone seems negative toward “providers of supplemental arts instruction” which is how teaching artists are identified in the paper. One of the most positive aspects is the Venn diagram on page 13 that shows how certified arts educators, certified non-arts educators and providers of supplemental arts instruction work together.

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