Status of Arts Education in Montana

A Report on the Status of Arts Education in Montana: 2009-2010 School Year

The Montana Arts Council (MAC) initiated the survey to help establish important and missing baseline information in the area of arts education in Montana. This report summarizes the status of arts education in Montana using data collected from 313 of Montana’s 847 elementary, middle and secondary schools statewide. This information was formed from responses by principals, superintendents and head teachers – it is their perception of the state of arts education in their schools.

Questions throughout the survey were designed to quantify and evaluate each school’s situation in offering the arts as a core subject. On MAC’s website you can download the Executive Summary and the full report.

I would be interested in your thoughts after reading the report and any next steps you think the arts council should take with this information. Leave a comment or go to the MT Arts Council’s website and get my phone number or email address – Beck McLaughlin
Image of a young student working on a crayon resist/watercolor.


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