Artful Teaching & Learning Handbook

The Artful Teaching & Learning Handbook was developed by the Perpich Center for Arts Education and the Minneapolis Public Schools. It outlines an “arts education model for student achievement through the arts.”

It covers many topics and in the future I will write about some of them in more detail. For now I just want folks to know this is out there and what a tremendous resource this handbook is.

A continuous progress paradigm is presented – as opposed to sorting and labeling students.

Ako: In the Maori language, there is a word, ako, that means both teaching and learning. While most education reform puts students at the center of learning, ARTFUL goes a step further by borrowing this traditional Maori notion of reciprocal learning that locates students and teachers in the same place. In ARTFUL Teaching & Learning, there is no distinction between the learners in the classroom. Teachers and artists are asked to take risks and to challenge themselves in the same way they challenge their students. Everyone is involved in creating new knowledge.

Lead with Exemplars
How do teachers make the criteria for success public and visible so all children can achieve them? Frequently they use exemplars that illustrate the desired attributes. Using Descriptive Review of the exemplars, the teacher and students build a guide to quality work. Such guides are designed to support learning, not just evaluation.

Understanding: thinking and acting flexibly with what one knows

Collaboration – Artist as Teacher/Teacher as Artist

  • tools, checklists, forms

School Change

How to locate and focus on topics that matter, and will matter twenty years from now by asking:

  • What matters
  • What learning matters
  • What teaching matters

Assessing Student Work

  • Mini action plan worksheet
  • Ongoing reflection – self assessment for teacher/artist

Reflective Protocols learners can use – artist, teacher, student

  • Facilitated conversations following agreed upon guidelines
  • One is specifically for looking at student work.

When you go to the link above you can download a free PDF of the handbook.

1 thought on “Artful Teaching & Learning Handbook

  1. Although this a very late response to this 2010 post I was delighted to see this overview of the Artful Teaching & Learning Handbook. As one of the project directors of this Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination project (a partnership between the Perpich Center, a Minnesota State Agency and the Minneapolis Public Schools) I am happy to say we have just printed our 4th edition of this handbook. We do continue to update the work and look forward to hearing how others have adapted and applied the resources available in the handbook. We have archived some of the continued work on Artful Online
    Thanks again.
    Barbara Hackett Cox
    Arts Education Partnerships, Perpich Center for Arts Education

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