Montana Virtual Academy

This post is more mundane than last week’s but I think it’s something we in arts education need to have on our radar screen.

The Montana Virtual Academy (MTVA) was created by Montana House Bill 459 of the 61st Legislature.

From their website:

The mission of the Montana Virtual Academy is to provide Montana K-12 students equitable access to high-quality, innovative, online instruction. The state of Montana, through a partnership of school districts and the University of Montana, Missoula, will ensure Montana’s children are prepared for a globally competitive, 21st century environment.

The initial year of MTVA will emphasize high school core subject credit-recovery under the Montana accreditation and education standards, AP, dual credit, and enrichment coursework is planned for the future.

The Governing Board hired Robert Currie as the director of MTVA and he began work January 4. He was the director of the Michigan Virtual School in Lansing for the past six years.

The plan is for courses to be ready for students to register through district enrollment in March and the classes will begin with fall semester.

Visual Arts is on the list of initial course offerings.


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